The leaning tower of Pisa can’t hold up in front of this tower.

Cheeeeese, it’s actually cream.

I know you want it.

Is that the surface of MY Birthday OREO?! better than the moon.

HORSE STORY – Moon, Dune, Doom (Mar.16,2023)

Shape and Form

The work is successful at showing the form of the tree from the texture to the shape of the branches. The background makes the shape and form of the branches stand out. The lighting on the trunk contributes further. The image is also upside down to get the attention of the viewer and see this new perspective. A criterion I would list to judge these two photos is focus, the lighting, the colors, and the background. The work makes me feel like I’m in a similar but new and strange world. This is because of the upside-down image and the angle from which the tree is photographed in the wide angle. 

Favorite Keith Haring Artwork

This Keith Haring artwork is my favorite because of its simplicity and message. I think it promotes friendship and living in peace. I think he intended to say that people should all be friends and not fight. The image shows one figure with its arms around the other, symbolizing friendship. I also like it because it doesn’t have too many things, its simple and still manages to portray its message.

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