Shape and Form

The work is successful at showing the form of the tree from the texture to the shape of the branches. The background makes the shape and form of the branches stand out. The lighting on the trunk contributes further. The image is also upside down to get the attention of the viewer and see this new perspective. A criterion I would list to judge these two photos is focus, the lighting, the colors, and the background. The work makes me feel like I’m in a similar but new and strange world. This is because of the upside-down image and the angle from which the tree is photographed in the wide angle. 

Favorite Keith Haring Artwork

This Keith Haring artwork is my favorite because of its simplicity and message. I think it promotes friendship and living in peace. I think he intended to say that people should all be friends and not fight. The image shows one figure with its arms around the other, symbolizing friendship. I also like it because it doesn’t have too many things, its simple and still manages to portray its message.

Indeed job Research

2 interesting photography jobs on Indeed 


  1. Photography assistant at La Verne University 

Estimated pay about $31k 

Part time, flexible schedule job 

Qualification(s)- completion of at least Photo 110 


  1. Photography Instructor at ORBL PTY LTD 

Contract with estimated pay up to $55 an hour 

Qualifications- 1 year of photography and 1 year preferred of teaching/tutoring. 




DSLR Read and Write

Photography DSLR and Lens PowerPoint read and write  


The 25 facts and details that I have learned from the powerpoint: 


  1. DSLR contains mirror to view accurate image about to be captured 
  1. DSLRs are digital cameras meant to resemble 35mm film reel cameras 
  1. DSLRs, compare to phones and point shoot cameras, have detachable lenses allowing more flexibility 
  1. A lens already with the camera is called a “kit lens” 
  1. A higher number of focal lengths means further zoom capabilities. 
  1. A fisheye lens has a focal length as low as 4mm! 
  1. Portraits use more telephoto focal lengths around 100mm 
  1. Exposure is a balance of 3 separate settings- aperture, shutter speed, and ISO 
  1. ISO is the sensor’s sensitivity to light 
  1. Lower ISO = less grain 
  1. Higher shutter speed for fast action shots 
  1. Shutter speed should typically be 2x the video frame rate 
  1. Use tripods for more stable shots 
  1. Smaller number means LARGER aperture! 
  1. Fast lenses go up to bigger aperture settings. 
  1. Larger aperture means shallower depth of field 
  1. Shutter speed causes/effects photo blur 
  1. ISO effects the amount of grain 
  1. Aperture effects the depth of field 
  1. White balance adjusts color balance of photos 
  1. White balance varies from the subject, ex- candle will be warmer, sky- cooler 
  1. There are warm and cool aka redish orangish to blueish white balances. 
  1. Full auto mode on camera does everything for you 
  1. Manual mode lets you choose everything 
  1. AV mode allows you to choose aperture, while camera chooses appropriate shutter speed. 



3 Paragraph TED Talk summary

Ted talk summary 



Photography is a type of art. The main process of photography is planning the things that make up your shot before you press the shutter. Now, after you press the shutter, there is more processes possible with editing. Photos can capture moments and also ideas. Illusions can take realistic imagery with realism and can create alternate realities. 

Photography is about combining different realities sometimes. Anything in our daily life can make a good photo. There are 3 main rules to an achieving a realistic result. Rule 1, photos shot should have the same perspective. 2, photos should be shot in same lighting. Finally, photos should look seamless when combined. 

 I think these 3 thinks to achieving realism is awesome. One thing that I would like to add is that, though it seems like 3 simple steps. It requires planning and good editing to achieve a realistic result. After photos have been combined, it can open new possibilities and ideas for the viewer. In combining photography, you can combine anything that your imagination allows for beautiful results. 



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